the BENEFITS OF classes, recovery, and accountability, all in one!

Athletic Outcomes Pricing and Packages


Unlimited classes.  Unlimited recovery lounge visits.  

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Athletic Outcomes Membership Pricing


Unlimited recovery lounge access, during our open hours.

Enjoy our cold tub, compression boot therapy, hot coffee, free wifi, and tv.  Recover & feel like a pro!



A recovery lounge visit involves 10 minutes in the cold tub followed by 45 minutes in the compression boots. Please bring cold tub clothing and clean clothes for the compression boots. AO supplies the towels!

Recovery Lounge Membership

Recovery Lounge Membership

Tina testimonial

"It had been more than 10 years since I had worked out seriously. After a back surgery and years of recurring back pain, I had not only gained weight, at 42 years old, I was challenged in my ability to complete everyday activities due to stiffness and mobility issues. Pat was professional, encouraging, energetic and motivating. Most importantly he was knowledgeable and worked with my injury, focusing on getting me functional and strong again. With Pat's direction, I significantly improved my balance, strength and endurance with no more recurring back pain! No matter what your fitness goals are, I highly recommend Pat as your personal trainer and coach." - Tina



Not sure an unlimited month is right for you? Have no fear. We've got you covered! Choose between taking a class, dropping into the recovery lounge, or cycling on our Wahoo KICKRs. (BYOBike Cycling is a non-guided session.) If you're looking to pop into the recovery lounge, don't forget your cold tub gear and some clean/dry clothes for the compression boots. If you're looking to try out an AO class, just show up 10 minutes before class starts & get ready to have fun! Involved with ClassPass? Check out the link below to reserve your spots in the lounge and/or classes! 

Debbie testimonial

"Pat pushed me more than I expected and helped me find my inner and outer strength. He considered me an athlete right from the start, which was a lot more than I thought of myself. I owe my found strength to Pat’s encouragement." - Debbie



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