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It's my first class at AO.  What can I expect?

Please arrive 10 minutes early to be introduced to the space by an AO coach. If there is no one available at the front desk, have no fear, our coaches are busy helping members and will be available ASAP. Please provide us with any information you feel is necessary to safely execute your training for that day (ex: injuries, pregnancy, post-surgical, etc.)

Is there parking at AO?

Yes! Our facility has a surface level parking lot.

What do I need to bring to train?

Bring your training gear and be ready to move! We provide towels and water, however, please bring your own water bottle to fill up at the gym.

Does AO have showers?

Yes, we have 3 showers so you can get your sweat on before going to work or going out for the night!

Do I have to sign up before taking class?

Yes. Our classes can fill up. To be respectful of everyone who attends class we require you to reserve your spot before coming to the gym.

Athletic Outcomes' Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are not allowed on the main training floor and are required to be stored in the cubbies if in the facility. We request they be placed in silent mode to avoid distractions and to allow our members to get a workout that is focused, effective, and safe!

What happens if class is full? Is there a waitlist?

Yes, we do have a waitlist for classes. If you add yourself to a waitlist for a full class, you will receive a text or an email notification if someone else cancels and you are added to the class. So PLEASE make sure your profile is set to send you notifications. If you are added to a class and you do not show up you will be subject to our cancellation policy and charged a cancellation fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel up to 90 minutes before a class. If you late cancel or no show, you’ll automatically receive a $10 fee the following day. Personal training appointments require an 8 hour cancellation or you’ll be charged the full visit. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you’ll be charged for one full visit.

Can I work out at Athletic Outcomes on my own?

Unfortunately, we do not provide open gym hours for members. All trainees must be accompanied by a coach while training at AO.

What is the protocol for the recovery lounge?

You may use the recovery lounge during regular business hours. All guests must shower before using the cold tub. All guests must wear clean clothing while using the recovery boots. You may not wear the clothing you wore during a class for the cold tub or recovery lounge so please bring a change of clothes.

When can I use the Recovery Lounge?

The Recovery Lounge is available to all members during regular business hours. If it is your first time using the recovery lounge email us to schedule your first visit.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, absolutely. Suspensions of auto-renewal memberships are available for a 14 day minimum & a 30 day maximum. Any suspension beyond 30 days will require a cancellation of membership. There is a one time fee of $20 with every suspension request. Click here to request freezing your membership.

How do I cancel my membership?

Of course we hate to see you go but life happens and things change. We ask that you cancel your membership 7 days before your next autopay in order to give our team sufficient amount of time to process your request. Click here to request cancellation of your membership.

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