Relieving symptoms of stress to the muscular system while you lay back, relax, & enjoy. 


Athletic Outcomes's recovery lounge is just that. A place where you combine two fabulous things into one (recovery + lounge).  Although the T.V. might play a little loud when the Tour de France is on, this space is a relaxing, chill environment for all kinds, athletes or not, to focus on their body. With our cold tub close by, all of the amenities needed for recovery are in one spot. Foam roll, book a massage while you’re in, but most importantly get your body on AO's lounge chairs for some serious passive recovery. Flush your tired legs, talk with like-minded people in the community, and stay for awhile. They'll give you some tea, water, and an environment you deserve to be in. Oh yeah, and if you're not sore or feeling the need to recover, don't worry- the benefits outweigh the questioning of you stopping in. A typical recovery lounge visit involves 10 minutes in the cold tub followed by 45 minutes in the compression boots. What to bring: gear for the cold tub & dry/clean clothes for the boots! 

Recovery Lounge Boots

Appointment must be made in advance for all new customers. Members have access to the lounge during open hours and after their first visit. If you’re looking to stop by for your first visit, please reach out by clicking below! Can’t wait to help you recover smart!

class pass member testimonial

"Always such a great experience! The compression boots are incredibly helpful. I had bad inflammation in my knee and there was a visible difference." - ClassPass member

Cold Tub in Recovery Lounge

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