Finding 'optimum' nutrition for YOUR body... Sounds tricky, right?

Well, it doesn't have to be...


Learn how to make lifestyle choices that'll better your health, motivation, and training. Whether you're a busy mom cooking for the entire family, a health nut wondering why the heck someone told you to eat chia seeds, or you have a detailed performance nutrition program already that just isn't working- Dr. Brittaney is here to help. Don't let nutritional confusion stop you from being healthy, confident, and comfortable. Dr. Brittaney will develop the exact program for your health needs with use of daily lessons and exercises, implementation of nutrient-rich foods, and herbal recommendations. Create lifelong and sustainable habits to support YOUR body's nutritional needs. 

Accountability.   Education.   Blood chemistry analysis.

Habit modification.   Meal plans.   Changes that last.  

Nutrition Coaching with Brittaney Cook
Derek testimonial

"I had always considered myself knowledgeable about nutrition but that thinking was limited to calories in - calories out. It was NOT working for me. Dr. Brittaney has changed my entire outlook on what, when, and why I eat. I have lost over 60 pounds in the past 12 months and more importantly, I feel better than I have in 20 years." - Derek



Healthy Eating Coaching at Athletic Outcomes


In person or virtual meetings with Dr. Brittaney. Constant email support. Software access that is full of daily habits, recipes & workouts based off YOUR needs. Blood chemistry analysis. Measurement & progress photos. Herb & supplement recommendations. Shopping lists. Stress support. Lifestyle education. Accountability. Motivation. 


Ryan testimonial

"Brittany changed my life. I lost nearly 50 pounds and feel like a completely different person. I couldn't do it without her." - Ryan



** Small Group Nutrition groups begin every 8 weeks. The next round will begin November 26th.

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