AO Member Highlight: Personal Training & Massage Therapy


AO Member Highlight: Personal Training & Massage Therapy

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Trying to kick your performance into high gear but don’t know where or how to begin or dealing with an injury? We talked with one of Athletic Outcomes members, Sarah, all about her experience with AO.  Read all about her story of personal training with Pat, moving on to classes, and even dipping into massage therapy with Christine! Hope you enjoy. 

How did you find out about AO and what brought you back… multiple times? ☺

My fiancé had just started taking some AO classes through ClassPass and would always comment on how great the classes and instructors are. He recommended I reach out to them when I began looking for a Personal Trainer. 

I ended up training 1-on-1 with Pat for a few months. He was incredibly attentive, constantly giving me feedback, ensuring that everything felt the way it was supposed to and giving me alternative exercises when something didn't feel right for my body.

After my training was over I dropped ClassPass and joined AO full time (as did my fiancé). Now I take group classes and I continue to receive high levels of attention and feedback. All of the instructors give personalized feedback and are constantly checking everyone's form and correcting when necessary. I also appreciate how much effort they put into making the classes different every time - they never get boring or repetitive. 

All of these reasons, as well as the awesome AO community Pat & Brittaney have cultivated, keep me coming back.

Tell us what your injury was coming in and how that affected your workout routine and life in general.

I'd been having chronic neck, shoulder and back pain for about 3 years. I had gotten to the point where I was constantly in pain - I’d wake up in the middle of the night every night because of it, I couldn’t sit on a stool or backless chair for more than 5 minutes, even something as simple as brushing my hair was a painful task. I stopped working out altogether for a few months as it seemed anything I did would make the pain worse. And an equally taxing side effect was the mental toll it took on me to be in pain all the time and feel like there wasn’t much hope to remedy it.

I was seeing a physical therapist who was helping a lot, but I had come to a point where I needed to work on re-patterning my movement & start building strength in meaningful ways. That’s where AO came in.

What is your background in fitness/wellness? (former athlete, gym rat, cycle enthusiast, none of the above?) 

I was a pretty serious ballet dancer up to the age of 17. Unfortunately, my fitness routine greatly declined when I stopped dancing, and I had never been super comfortable working out in a gym or gym setting.

What did you expect out of your treatments/PT sessions? 

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Personal Training. It sounded scary and potentially torturous as someone who’s mental picture of a Personal Trainer was a drill sergeant-type. I was also hesitant to be too hopeful as I had already tried a lot of different things to try to feel better.

Now going through them, how does that compare to the above expectation and what have you learned or gained?

It’s now easy to say that my Training sessions have greatly exceeded and corrected some of my expectations. Pat was great at encouraging me in a helpful way and at making me feel comfortable as I had never done 85% of the exercises he was having me do. 

Through Training, not only was my chronic pain greatly minimized, but I gained strength, confidence, and knowledge on how to properly move and work out.

Who would you recommend AO to? Christine’s Massage Therapy to? (not specific people BUT rather people with what types of injuries?)

I would recommend AO to anyone who is interested in building meaningful strength and just feeling great all around. The AO emphasis on proper movement and form as well as the fully modifiable exercises makes it a perfect place for anyone from a gym layman/laywoman to a gym rat looking to rehab an injury or just build strength and move better.

Again, I’d recommend Christine to anyone, with any level of athleticism. With my chronic pain, I had gotten a lot of massages and none come close to how effective Christine's are. She has incredible knowledge and awareness of the body and can get to the root of an issue even if I have a hard time pinpointing it.

What can someone expect from AO when walking in the doors for their first class, PT session, Nutrition Consultation, Massage Therapy?

You can always expect a warm welcome, effective methods, and a positive, encouraging atmosphere!




Summer Salad


Summer Salad

Looking for the perfect salad to compliment those grilled proteins? Check out this super tasty and nutritious version of a nicoise salad. Packed with nutrients, veggies, and proteins, you'll be sure to wow a crowd or thoroughly enjoy all by yourself. 

What you'll need for 3-4 servings: 

2 stalks of Romaine Lettuce

1.5 cups of green beans

4 red potatoes

4 hard boiled eggs

3/4 cup of chopped raw pecans

* Your favorite dressing or hummus



Bring three pots to boil, one for the hard boiled eggs, one for the red potatoes, and one for green beans. Cook eggs for about 10 minutes, potatoes for about 15 - 20 minutes (until soft and cooked), and the beans for 3-4 minutes until crisp and tender. Drain all once cooked and then refrigerator to cool down. In the mean time, chop your Romaine and place on a platter. Once all cooked ingredients have cooled, cut them into quarters and then add to the platter with Romaine. Top with pecans. Add your favorite dressing or hummus and top with salt/pepper. Enjoy!


AO Member Highlight: Nutrition Coaching


AO Member Highlight: Nutrition Coaching

Trying to kick your nutrition into high gear but don’t know where or how to begin? We talked with two of Athletic Outcomes members, Chelsea and Amir, about their experience with AO and working with Dr. Brittaney on Nutrition Coaching!                                  



How did y’all find out about AO & more specifically, their nutrition coaching?

Amir – “I took classes at lots of gyms, but after taking a class or two at AO I realized the programming and training clicked with me. I quit ClassPass and signed up for an AO membership.”

Chelsea – “The classes and coaching at AO were consistently better than anything else I found offered, and ended up quitting ClassPass and then signed up with AO too. We saw on the website that nutrition coaching was offered, so we decided to talk to Britt about options.


How long have you been working with Brittaney on nutrition? 

Amir - We started in Aug 2016 (~10 months now)”


What about the Nutrition Coaching appealed to you in the first place? What was your food/fitness regime like before this?

Amir – “My regime was non-existent. I spend a lot of time traveling for work, which made it easy to forget about nutrition and fitness. It made sense to me to work with a nutrition coach because they are an expert in the field. When I need glasses, I go to an eye doctor and let them tell me what prescription lenses I need. Why not adopt the same mentality with regard to food?

Chelsea – “I was admittedly reluctant at the beginning to work with a nutritionist.”


What were your expectations starting out? What have you learned or gained from the experience?

Amir – “I set an initial goal of losing 35 pounds over the course of one year. Now it’s 10 months later and I am down over 60 lbs.”

Chelsea – “The lessons and information Brittaney provided, ran in opposition to what I thought I knew about weight loss (calories in vs. calories out), but figured that I would go along with it for at least a month. Well, almost a year later and we are still working with Britt and I have seen (and feel) tremendous results. I have learned so much about nutrition and food as fuel for your body, and been able to transition from a dieting-to-lose-weight mindset to a mindful eating mindset, which allows me to give my body the appropriate fuel for what I am asking it to do. The weight came off on its own as more of a side effect from eating appropriately, and my workouts are now way more effective.”


How has Nutrition Coaching by Brittaney impacted your lives? Energy, weight, mood, etc?

Amir – Energy is up, weight is down.

Chelsea – “I am in the best shape of my life because my nutrition and workouts actually complement each other. My energy and general life motivation levels are also higher, and I no longer get crazy ‘hangry’ mood swings on a regular basis.


What are 3 tips/pieces of advice you’d give someone who is hesitant to use the service?

  1. Take everything in small chunks. The learning process is designed to be progressive.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to other people. There isn’t a one-size fits all approach to nutrition, and Brittaney will work with you to tailor a program that meets your needs/lifestyle.
  3. Speak up and keep Brittaney informed. The more [detailed], the better, as adjustments can be made to address diet related issues. [Chelsea and Amir] both had times where [they] were surprised at how small changes made big differences.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


If you’re still curious (or hesitant) about Nutrition Coaching with Dr. Brittaney, email her at!  For additional information on AO's Nutrition Coaching, CLICK HERE.