How long have you been personal training at Athletic Outcomes? 

Since 2016

Why did you begin personal training? 

I play competitive roller derby as an almost-40 athlete. This full-contact sport puts unusual demands on the body in terms of specific movements, a heavy on-skates training load, and also recovery from contact. One size fits all does not fit me. 

What health and fitness goals did you have when you began personal training? How have they changed over the course of your training? 

My initial goal was to address specific weaknesses to achieve a higher level in my sport, which I did! Unfortunately I have also suffered two injuries that have had long rehabilitation periods; I am currently working at restoring full knee function in a safe environment, and Pat helps me maintain my overall strength and fitness as much as possible while working around the limitations of an injury. A successful year-long rehab cannot not turn into sitting on the sofa, and Pat makes sure I keep moving. My current goal is to get back on skates with not only a strong knee but the rest of my body as strong and healthy as possible. My knee is limited but I will finish this rehab with a better bench press than ever.

Generally, how has personal training benefited you and/or helped you progress toward your health and lifestyle goals (be it emotional, physical, mental, etc)?

If I know Pat is waiting for me at a specific time, I will put aside all fatigue, all other distractions, and show up. That's not true if I am just going to the gym by myself or thinking about a group class. The consistency is absolutely key for me. I need consistent exercise to be a happy person, a good mom and partner, and an athlete. Personal training helps me stay focused. I am also a very competitive person, and group classes are not always a great fit for me, because I wind up doing things that aren't great for my specific needs and I wind up in pain. When I was younger that was fine, but now I need to be careful since I don't recover like I did when I was 25.

How has your rehabilitation experience been, generally?  What kind of impact do you feel personal training has had on your road to recovery?

I have been lucky to have exceptional physical therapists, but I absolutely count Pat as a critical part of my rehab. It's amazing to have such an intelligent, inventive, and experienced coach figuring out how to push my whole body - not just the injured part - while keeping me safe, and to also help me gain confidence in movements as I'm released to use my injured knee more. I think the combination of physical therapy to treat my knee in the early stages plus a great personal trainer to help keep my entire body on track for the long haul has been a big part of successful rehab. After rehabbing a complicated ankle break, I went back to my sport strong and ready to play. 

What is your one favorite thing your trainer says or does that motivates you? (we know there are a lot…I mean, it’s PAT!)? 

Pat is unfailingly positive! I don't know how he does it. I don't feel like I can be down about my injury around him - he is understanding but never defeatist. There's always a "what now, then?" approach. If some exercise doesn't work today, he just quickly figures out what will work. I always feel challenged, but more than that, I feel like he believes I can meet the challenge, on a good day or a bad day. If a set looks too easy or a weight too light, that's not good enough for him (or for me) - he makes it harder. He's also just one of the nicest people! Some people just give out good vibes, and that's Pat. How could you let him down? 

What have you gained most from one on one training?

Consistency and safety. Both have led to great results.