Group classes can be extremely intimidating to anyone just getting started with fitness or maybe are getting back into it after a hiatus. Whatever your reasoning may be, we’re here to encourage you and give you confidence to walk into any room like a boss.

In general, group exercise has been proven to help individuals feel motivated while exercising and stick with it long term. Everyone has a competitive nature in them, small or large, and that in itself is just one of the reasons people love a group atmosphere.

Here are Kat’s Top 4 Physical & Mental Benefits of working out with a group: 

  1. Group exercise can help people stick to their program and their goals. Each person in class or the group may have their own personal reason for participation, but the bottom line is that you all showed up to complete the task at hand -- your workout (whatever it may be). You are there together and that creates an environment of shared goals and values. Feeling as though you are part of something bigger, and long term, can be a powerful tool in maintaining commitment. 
  2. Group settings can create and/or increase feelings of accountability, not only to yourself, but to others around you. After all, you all are in it together.
  3. Emotional and mental support. Do you ever have those days where you just feel off? Maybe you need some extra care? Participating in group exercise provides increased social support and companionship which can be a critical factor in helping people stay motivated and invested in themselves.
  4. Whether you seek encouragement from external sources or not, group exercise creates an opportunity for positive reinforcement from those around you. The positive reinforcement can be verbal, physical, or even emotional and can come from your peers or your coach/instructor. Sometimes we all need to hear "good job" or "one more rep" to keep us on our path!

We hope this inspires you to try something new and keep in mind all the benefits of why working out with a crowd is so beneficial to your health. If large crowds just aren't your thing, always remember to reach out and get enrolled in our next round of small group training (max of 6 people) or email for personal training info.