Ever wonder what it's like to be a member at AO? Well, here's a pretty great review from one of our members! Sydney, an AO athlete and fitness guru, briefly explains her experience after participating in AO's various classes throughout one week. Check it out- it'll definitely motivate you to get in to a class ASAP!



by Sydney Torabi

When planning for a week of workouts, I often try to switch up my routine everyday to keep it fun and get a good amount of both cardio and strength training in. Athletic Outcomes makes planning my week extremely easy because it’s a one-stop-shop to lift heavy, burn cardio calories, and recover so I can do it all again!

Living a rather active lifestyle, I’m used to working out sometimes 3 times a day. That being said, I dedicated all my time to Athletic Outcomes for a week and boy was it the best decision I could have made. Both my mind and body were happy campers!


Day 1: AO Strength

Starting the week out strong (quite literally)! This class format focuses on 4 major moves and how heavy can you go… Yes. Ouch. But oh so good! I love throwing in 1 to 2 strength classes a week to build lean muscle and burn stubborn fat areas!

Day 2: AO Fit – Speed

The classic AO Fit class is circuit based, usually consisting of 8 stations with 8 different exercises. Since today’s focus was speed, it was shorter bursts with lighter weights to crank out those reps. Mix some light weights with cardio intervals and you’ve got yourself a butt kicker! ... read more