AO's co-founder Dr. Brittaney Cook is now a Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist. Not only is she currently 7.5 months pregnant and has experienced the process personally, but she has learned everything there is to know about how exercise can help every single soon-to-be mother. With her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics as a chiropractor and sports rehab specialist, she is very aware of what's required to keep the baby and mom safe. She's able to program long-distance, personally train one-on-one or small group (for a little bit longer!), or offer nutritional advice for any expectant mother you may know. Reach out to her or pass this info on to those you know with "buns in the oven"!


Here are just a few benefits of exercising while pregnant:

  • Studies show that pre-and postnatal women who perform weight-bearing exercise at 50 percent or more of their pre pregnancy levels tend to gain less weight, deposit and retain less fat, feel better about their bodies, have shorter & less complicated labors, and recover more rapidly than women who either stop exercise mid-pregnancy or don’t exercise at all. 

  • Regular weight bearing exercise has shown to decrease the need for pain relief during labor.

  • Women have lower incidence of induced labors episiotomies, abnormal fetal heart rates, and the need for operative interventions during delivery such as forceps and cesareans.

  • Most importantly, Mom finds the much needed time for herself, supporting her mental, emotional, and physical state...