Studio Sitter is an “on-demand child care solution allowing parents the opportunity to keep up their active lifestyles, while simultaneously providing service-based businesses the solution to their need for child care.” 

What does that mean for all those moms and dads out there?

It means we’ve made it easy on all the parents in Austin (and who are members at AO) who want to get in their workout, find a routine, and not have the hassle of looking for a sitter.

When will it be offered at AO?

AO Fit45Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. You'll have 15 minutes before and after class to drop off / pick up your kiddos. 

How it works? 

During scheduled hours/classes a day, AO will have the Studio Sitter trailer parked out front. You'll check in your child in the trailer up to 15 minutes before class begins, pop right inside to take class, and then pick up the kiddos up to 15 minutes after class! Studio Sitter offers 1, 5, and 10 session packages that allow you to schedule time well in advance or on the spot,  because they understand that sometimes parenting requires some last minute schedule changes.

Why we’re partnering with Studio Sitter?

Dr. B is a new mom herself, she knows how tough it is to find time to hit the gym! It can be challenging to find the time to workout, much less find someone to watch your child that you can trust PLUS the added convenience of Studio Sitter being right outside the gym, you’re able to get back in your daily routine without making any extra trips. We want help take away one less stress and turn that hour into a stress-release.

Check out their site for pricing, how to reserve your child's spot, and other places where you can use Studio Sitter!