Year 1 of Leasing...

DR. BRITTANEY COOK   |    10/11/2016


So, here we are, remodeling, adding classes, coaching and educating from left to right, spending 15 hours/day at AO (minus Saturdays and Sundays), developing programs, limiting "wait-lists", and always thinking of ways to keep our facility fun and our members pumped up... It's crazy to think that just 365 days ago we were in Richmond, VA on vacation, watching Peter Sagan become the World Cycling Champion, and signing the lease that would ultimately change our lives. The signing may have been influenced by a glass of wine or two, but hey, you make the best decisions that way, right?!  Wow... Well, we truly believe we did. After just one year and hours of building IKEA furniture, laying down rubber flooring, purchasing a TON of EXPENSIVE gym equipment, and cleaning up after smelly people, WE ARE STILL HERE at 2301-A East Riverside drive (even if Google Plus tells us we don't exist on a map...) !  

AO is home to Pat and I... I actually walked in the other morning and unknowingly said "ahhh, home sweet home..."

The start of this blog has come just in time to give you a bomb of photos. These photos hopefully give you an idea of where AO came from (structurally) and how much change & progress we've made. We're so proud of the beauty of this business and are thrilled to see it grow every day.

Thanks for following along, supporting, and being part of our transition(s)! Enjoy...

- Dr. B


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