Assessment Day

DR. BRITTANEY COOK     |     10/9/2016

Assessment days at AO are just that, ways to assess your fitness level. The day consists of a workout that is designed to compare personal fitness levels, month to month. At AO we provide monthly assessment workouts that are meant to push your limits (safely) and are fun reasons to develop strength or speed for future month's tests. We offer the same assessment program three months in a row. Therefore, we recommend our members and class takers show up to every testing day to compare their previous month's results to today's efforts. 

On October 1st we provided the following assessment program. Not only was it outrageously challenging, it was also extremely fun. It was the first test that we developed that was stationary and required only bodyweight. The program was developed with muscular endurance in mind, along with agility, speed, and of course controlled diaphragmatic breathing. 

If you missed the October 1st date of testing, please feel free to complete this test on your own! Not only is it used to test progress, but it really is a great workout that can be completed anywhere, anytime. All you need is your body, a watch, and some serious motivation. 

Check it out and if you have any questions or feel like testing yourself, let us know! We're here to help if you are contemplating modifications, need answers regarding the movement patterns, or just need a little nudge to actually try it out! Enjoy...


1st: complete a 15 minute dynamic warm up. Here's a great example:

60 seconds walk out planks /60 seconds bodyweight squats /  60 seconds alternating standing toe reach / 60 seconds alternating step back lunges / 60 seconds plank / 60 seconds world's greatest stretch / 30 seconds each of: jumping jacks, mountain climbers, quick feet running in place, butt kickers. Rest 60 seconds. Complete the rest of your warm up with an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) completing the following reps & movements: 10 alternating plank shoulder taps (each side unless otherwise mentioned), 10 mountain climbers, 10 dead bug arm extensions, 10 squat jumps, 10 high knees, repeat...

After completing your warm up, recover for 90-120 seconds. 

Get prepared. Set your watch for 25 minutes. During this set, you will complete as many reps as possible to make your way down, and up (and back down if you're outrageously fast) the program. You must go in order and stay true to the rep counts. After completing your 100th jumping jack, you must run .10 miles (or a previously determined distance that you will document). Once you've completed the run, you will immediately make your way back up the program by starting with 100 jumping jacks.  Once you peak at the top again, complete your 10 tuck jumps just once and then start all over again... Sound confusing? We promise it's not... 

Here's your program: 

10 tuck jumps (knees must go above hips)

20 v ups (finger must make contact with toes)

30 crab position hand/toe reaches

40 burpees (arms must come up while jumping, chest must hit the floor)

50 lateral jumps (outside hand must contact the floor when landing)

60 push ups (hand release at the bottom, knees are optional but must be documented)

70 sumo squat reaches (1 hand must make contact with the floor)

80 total plank position knees to elbows (alternating sides, 40 on each side)

90 step back lunges (rear knee must be 1 inches from the floor)

100 jumping jacks

1 building run (approximately .10 miles)


Your goal is to see how far into the program you get once  your timer hits 25 minutes. Document what you've reached, rep-wise, and the exact exercise. Your goal next month is to make it farther into the program... 


Good luck!