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"I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars! Best studio in Austin! Killer workouts every time but the owners, Pat and Brittaney, make it a fun, encouraging, supportive environment! Go visit AO, you'll be hooked!  " - ClassPass member

Paul Testimonail

"I really don't know if you fully appreciate what you've done for me Pat. I was literally days away from surgery and I couldn't walk more than 3 blocks. I really just thought "fuck it - it really can't hurt to work out with Pat". Now I have no pain. Not just "my pain is much less", or "it doesn't hurt anymore when I do this". I HONESTLY have no pain. It is 100% because of Pat's planning and training of specific muscles and movements. You're not only an amazing trainer, but an amazing person..."- Paul

Katie testimonial

"I started seeing Brittaney before my first marathon back after having my daughter! I knew I needed to update my training, treatment, and nutrition! Brittaney helped me nail down my nutrition to feel strong and healthy without giving up all I loved (coffee, wine, and the occasional cookie). The things she taught me about nutrition really have helped me perform at my best over the years as well!" - Katie

class pass testimonial

"This was one of the most well-led classes that I have ever been to. The instructor/owner connected with every single of the 16 people in the class, kept the tempo super high and fun, and the class kicked everyone's butt. I'll absolutely be back, and I'll spread the word about the high quality of instruction and super-clean facility. Austin would grow by leaps and bounds if this became the new standard. A+++." - ClassPass member

Ed testimonial

"How often do you see "Dr." before the name of a person who personifies bad-ass cool and straight up expert work with no BS? I've seen it once and then she moved to Austin, TX." - Ed

Megan testimonial

"Anyone can make a workout challenging, but it takes a certain gift to create a workout that makes you want to push against the edge of what's possible for your body. The difference is in Pat's positive attitude, encouragement and teaching style. If you want to phone it in, don't even bother to show up to work with Pat, because, as he'll tell you, if a weight isn't heavy, it ain't worth lifting. Also he's into heavy metal, so there's that, too. "- Megan

Nicole testimonial

"I feel like I've been on a diet and working out my entire life - sometimes because I wanted to but most times because I had to. To say I had 'tried everything' is an understatement. I met Brittaney at a point where I had acheived complete confusion about nutrition and had completely stalled out in my workouts. Britt changed the way I thought about everything. She untangled all the information about what to put in my body and she made me excited about getting in to the gym again. She pushed me to my limits and made me feel supported and coached the whole way through - and not just for the hour I saw her in the gym. She's one of a kind and her knowledge, passion and enthusisasm for what she does is extraordinary!" - Nicole

Debbie testimonial

"When I finally had the courage to enter the building, I first chatted with Brittaney, who recommended personal training with Pat before jumping into group classes. She could not have set me up with a better trainer. My training with Pat became the most satisfying part of my week, also, the fact that he called me “Muscles” was excellent encouragement!" - Debbie

Sarah testimonial

"I found Athletic Outcomes through ClassPass and Brittaney and Pat kicked my butt so well I had to join. The workouts are tough but Britt and Pat are so encouraging and know how to challenge you to your fullest potential. They're the real deal - they know you're capable of stuff YOU don't even know you're capable of. These two make a point of being welcoming to everyone who walks through the door and do everything they can to help you reach your fitness goals. First class is free - check 'em out ASAP!" - Sarah

Class Pass Feedback

"The best! The high quality coaching from AO really makes this gym unique and awesome...I know I can trust AO to provide an effective and supportive environment EVERY single time I go. Thanks for being so great Brittaney and Pat!" - ClassPass member