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2nd Annual Kerbey Lane Pancake 10k

Join us for AO's super fun, 2nd annual, Kerbey Lane Pancake 10k run! Of course, we use the word "run" loosely. Starting at Athletic Outcomes, we will cruise through the Austin southeast neighborhoods full of hills, trees, and of course trails to find ourselves sitting at Kerbey Lane Cafe, eating all kinds of tasty pancakes. This event is not meant for professionals trying to get a first place medal, as it is meant to provide a fun morning of fitness and food. Choose to walk, crawl, sprint, or run the course. Please bring friends, be ready to have fun, and don't take this too seriously! Your race fee includes your Kerbey Lane breakfast, race memorabilia (a shirt), and a great way to exercise. Race course will be emailed to every attendee 1 week before race. Please email if you have any specific questions.  For details, click on the button below. 



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