SMALL GROUP. GUIDED & CORRECTED. Functional. pre-programmed. REWARDING.



We do the programming, you just need to show up for 60 minutes. Our AO Fit class is our staple. It is designed to change your body, prevent stagnation, and keep you motivated and entertained. AO Fit caters to individuals ready to work hard and learn all about how their body moves. It includes a thorough warm up, functional movement patterns, strength and conditioning, and of course a lovely recovery. Be prepared to work hard, exceed your fitness goals, and do a few burpees here and there (Oh, you hate burpees? No sweat, we have modifications waiting just for you!). Check out our Facebook or Instagram accounts every Sunday to see what our AO Fit programming will be for each day. Classes always change format, style, and exercises, but our programming will always be awesome!



Exactly what you think. Our signature AO Fit class in just 45 minutes. With a shorter warm up, main set, and cool down, you'll still get in an extremely effective functional class but you'll have a few extra minutes to stretch, shower, and then head into work. We promise you won't be cheated. 


AO Speed

Not only will you experience form specific guidelines, straight forward circuit-based training, and a challenging workout, but you'll sweat .... A LOT... in just 45 minutes of AO Speed.  This class is all about conditioning. There's no heavy dumbbells- just your body, a few machines, and a format that'll promote success. You'll perform various types of cardio-based movements by spending approximately 10 minutes each of bodyweight plyometric work, riding, rowing, and of course running. Looking for a change of pace? AO Speed has you covered. 



45 minutes of just strength... Can you say muscles?! 4 exercises broken down into 2 upper and 2 lower body movements. Low rep counts, lots of rest time, and pure gains. After a quick (non-jumping) warm up, you'll spend approximately 8 minutes with each move, without ever doing more than 60 reps. Quality coaching and functional mechanics will guarantee a motivating space to work hard and lift SUPER heavy, safely.  



STRENGTH x SPEED = AO Power. This class is the perfect 60 minute combination of two awesome classes: AO Strength & AO Speed. You'll ride, run, row and complete plyometrics in between 4 functional, controlled, and heavy strength based movement patterns. This class is designed to build both cardiovascular and muscular strength. 60 minutes of AO Power includes a dynamic warm up, your pre-programmed main set, and a well-deserved cool down. 



Form focus running on our Woodway Treadmills. Class is maxed out at only two people in order to receive quality attention from your coach. 30 minutes of class includes: programmed intervals, gait cues, and challenging drills to improve your speed, endurance, and incline strength. Learn how to run smart, safe, and confident while you get in a killer training session!

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"This class is unbelievable! AO never disappoints. AO Speed is very effective, form focused, and always fun. This facility is top notch and full of great people! Love it!" - ClassPass member






Personal training like no other. Designed programs and coaching with your long term goal in mind. First triathlon? Finding your glutes? Need a lifestyle jump-start? We've got you covered. Our scientific modes of training will find your strengths and keep you moving forward toward become your optimal 'fit'. Don't train alone again. Come once, come often, the decision is in how fast you can recover from your training day. 

After purchasing your personal training package, AO will reach out to you ASAP to book your appointments. Enjoy complimentary recovery lounge access on your training days. 

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"Brittaney is the ideal personal trainer - attentive, detailed, specific, careful, encouraging. She pushes everyone to do their best within their bodies' abilities. I loved this class and didn't feel like an idiot because I had to modify some exercises due to my body's needs - and I'll be sore (safely!) tomorrow! I'll be back!" - ClassPass member