At Athletic Outcomes we recognize the importance of healthy habits and changes. We find and celebrate your strengths, yet provide you with the tools for continued growth. If you are working with an injury - we will help you heal with a balanced team-effort approach. If you are a lifelong athlete looking to find your next level of success -  we will program to advance your skills. We truly believe in training hard and recovering smart, so we provide the platform to do just that at Athletic Outcomes. It's at AO where you will find education, motivation, and exactly what your body needs for optimal function today, and for the future.



The Cooks

Owners & founders of Athletic Outcomes, the Cooks are your dream team of HEALTH, FITNESS, and FUN. They met at—where else? —the gym. Brittaney thought Pat was pretty great and asked him out. 

He said no. 

But, exactly 24 hours later, he came to his senses and they’ve been awesome at life together ever since... The Cooks love bringing out the best in every individual and know that success doesn’t happen without personalized training AND recovery. Their energy, motivation, and support are unique and genuine. They’ve created Athletic Outcomes as a team and love providing an environment that's all about healthy, happy, and fit lifestyles.

Pat and Brittaney Cook




Pat’s clients will tell you that he is one of a kind. He could be considered the world’s most motivating person. Seriously. His experiences range from teaching 2nd graders in Chicago Public Schools to teaching adults how to ride bikes and producing some serious watts (ask him which is harder). His specialty is coaching athletes create more functional movement patterns in order to perform better. His superpower is getting the very best effort out of every athlete. It’s weird—we don’t even know how he does it.  

He’s passionate about building client confidence, creating programs to support short term and long term goals, and pushing clients to their optimum performance.



His favorite type of a workout is a nice easy bike ride with lots of stops for pizza. His favorite song is Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top. He played guitar in a heavy metal band for over 5 years (ask us all about it!). His most interesting feature is his mustache and he taught 2nd grade for 9 years in Chicago Public schools... How adorable! -- minus the mustache part.



NASM certified
EXOS certified
NIKE certified trainer
AFTA certified
USA CYCLING coaching certified                                          


Sick of the same training routine? Don't settle.



Dr. Brittaney (aka Dr. B)

Brittaney Cook

Brittaney is the whole package. We call her Dr. B, and her education credentials alone would take up this entire page if we wrote them all out. And we will, because she earned those initials y’all.

Brittaney likes to learn as much as she likes to feel the burn, and will bring all of that knowledge to you. She takes a full-body approach to health and enjoys working with clients coming back from an injury all the way to maximum performance. She is determined to get you back to optimum shape to continue toward your goals.

Whether it’s nutrition for performance or weight loss, training for a marathon or 5K, or rehabbing an old injury or a new one, she’s got every tool to promote positive changes to your body.

Wanna talk nerdy to her? She’d love it. Side note—she’s not just all books, she’s supercool too. We’re telling you. The whole package, you guys.




Doctor of Chiropractic                                           M.S. Sports Science & Rehabilitation
M.S. Nutrition & Human Performance
Exos (formerly Athletes Performance)          Acupuncture certified                                              Pre & Postnatal Fitness certified
USA cycling coach
Graston & FAKTR certified                         
Certified in blood chemistry analysis
Precision Nutrition coach LV2

Her favorite exercise is a single leg deadlift on a BOSU that's upside down... She's currently training for trail running season & just completed her first ever 50k (and missed 3rd place by just one minute!). She grew up in Northern Maine where she jumped snowmobiles and four-wheelers. She's also the designer behind AO's good looks.

Legs ache? Is your body screaming "Help me!"?




Kat Libby

Kat joined us from Richmond, VA (a great place to visit). AO was the first place she went for a workout and recovery session, and it’s been her favorite facility ever since. As a former collegiate soccer player and coach, Kat lives for the team atmosphere and feels that when people are pushed together, they achieve great things together. Kat believes that everyone has the ability, power and heart to achieve their own specific goals. So much, that she decided to share one of her own goals in her bio...Specifically, Kat is determined to help every single client, member, or first timer see and embrace their greatness and the fire inside. Wow Kat, that's deep!

When you see the high bun on top of her head, you know she means business. While she won’t make you run 120s (we won’t explain, just know they are the worst), she may make you do burpees (a lot of them… correctly... which are the worst). At AO, Kat creates support and camaraderie that you won't find anywhere else. 



NASM certified personal trainer

Masters Degree in Health Communication

Cycling Certification by MadDogg

AFAA group exercise certified

Athletic Outcomes certified (we made that up)


She can eat a whole pizza on her own (and often does). She loves burpees. She’s a hugger. She’s a new auntie and obsessed with her niece — she’ll show you a picture… just ask! Lastly, she JUST moved to Austin...  Oh, and her life motto is: if you can't laugh at yourself, well then...that just sucks.




Colin has done everything. Think we’re kidding?  Between studying yoga, practicing parkour, and spending years teaching the Brazilian martial art, capoeira- he's a busy dude...Wondering where Colin is on any given day?  Well, if he’s not busy teaching clients to swing kettlebells and pick up ALL the weights, you can probably find him out on the trails riding his mtn bike, at the rock climbing gym, setting up his slackline at Zilker, or rolling around with friends on the jiu jitsu mats. 

Colin is a self proclaimed “fitness nerd” and doesn’t care who knows it.  He's constantly learning and is very intelligent. So, ask him a question! As a coach he specializes in getting you to move as best as you possibly can and pairs his years of experience as a fitness professional with an ever-growing understanding of sports nutrition to help you accomplish all of your physical and performance goals.



His favorite exercise is the dead lift. Colin once moved to a city in central Brazil for two months where he slept on a cot in the house of a guy he never met before. Colin speaks Portuguese. Say what?! When he first started at AO he asked if he could workout barefoot... Have you noticed his awesome shoes lately? ;-)


Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Nutrition Coach, Lvl 1

Athletic Outcomes certified  (we're going with it)

Capoeira Instructor - Capoeira Nagô




Meet Jason...a performance conditioning specialist, inspiration junkie, uncle, and learning enthusiast. Throughout Jason's career he has served world-class coaches, collegiate and professional athletes, MMA athletes, Rockstars, and a few Austin law enforcement officers. He's also a born a raised Texan, a UT alum, and spends his day job helping the youth plan their lives after college. 




BS Kinesiology 

Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association w/SCCC 

MED Education Administration

Athletic Outcomes certified 


Jason is really good at running. He's like a gazelle on a Woodway treadmill. His choice walk-out song at any given time  would be  "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5. He's very good at being vocal and has a serious pack of cords on him. We dare you to talk back to him in the same volume.